Silver Steps Hiking Trail

Client: South Carolina Department of Parks, Recreation & Tourism

Location: Mountain Bridge Wilderness Area, SC

We were selected as the preferred contractor by the State of South Carolina Parks department to construct 2+ miles of new trail to create a new hiking connection from the Raven Cliff Falls trailhead to the Jones Gap Trail. This new connection was named the Silver Steps Trail in reference to accessing a beautiful set of cascading waterfalls along the Middle Saluda River. The construction of this trail required a minimal disturbance area and foot print so we used our smallest micro excavator, a Yanmar SV08 with a minimum track width of only 27 inches! Additionally, we worked closely with the head of natural resources to protect sensitive vegetations and watershed areas. Finally, as the trail required a slightly steeper decent to the river than preferred, we installed timber steps with locally harvested black locust to aid in usability and aesthetic.