Vanderlaat Bike Park

Client: Rodrigo V.

Location: San Jose, Costa Rica

Rodrigo’s family owns a 200 acre, aging dairy farm outside San Jose. With dairy importing growing, the family realized the need to diversify income and explore additional revenue streams for their land. With multiple family members that enjoy mountain biking, they contacted Nature Trails and met with us in North Carolina to discuss their needs. In addition, with most local bike trails being extremely difficult, Rodrigo set a goal of designing and developing a family friendly bike park with options for young children and beginners all the way up to advanced professionals. This park will be the first of it’s kind in Costa Rica to deliver such a broad range of trail variety.

We soon became concept development of a multi-phase project to develop trails along side the dairy operations with minimal impact while slowly re-allocating land as the revenue shifts over time. In addition to our design work, Nature Trails worked closely with local workers to train them on construction techniques, machine operation, and best practices all while navigating the language barrier as non-Spanish speakers.