Natalie Skills Trail

Client: Natalie L.

Location: Raleigh, NC1

This private bicycle skills trail was created for MTB skills instructor with a passion for riding, but also teaching others! This trail is approximately 1,600 linear feet in length on 2.5 acres. As part of the design, the client specified wanting progressive drops, rollers, jumps, berms, skinnies, ledges, and a rock garden. With semi flat terrain, we had to construct an elevated mound for the entrance of the trail to create a double drop zone with a ledgy downhill bypass line. Next, the trail progresses from small berms, to small uniform rollers before diving into a larger berm and hitting several larger table tops and a rollable hip jump. After the jump section, the trail provides a bypass shortcut back to the top or descends further down the hill with a custom cedar slab A-frame bridge, skinny, and up-down ledges. The climb back up as a log pile roll, rock garden, cedar skinny bridge, and a unique concrete pyramid / ledge feature recycled from an old sidewalk we removed from the property to prevent it from going to the landfill.