Client: Oskar Blues REEB Ranch

Location: Hendersonville, NC

The REEB Ranch is an unique event venue owned by Dale Katechis, the founder of Oskar Blues and REEB Cycles. The ranch caters to a wide variety of events, but notably, it has a dedicated bike park complete with dual slalom, dirt jumps, pump track, skinnies, and more! Despite all of these cool options, Nature Trails was contracted to build a beginner / intermediate dirt jump section that bridged the skills gap between the pump track obstacles and the large jump lines so that riders had more opportunity for skill progression. We accomplished this by installing a line of progressive tabletops that start around 3ft tall and 6ft long and increase in size gradually up to about 4ft tall and 8ft long without the need for pedaling along the way. In addition, we built two extra small tabletops that are stand alone to provide riders new to jumping the opportunity to catch air without having to commit to an entire row of jumps.