Client: John T.

Location: Raleigh, NC

John is a new mountain biker who started building a pump track in his front yard in his spare time, but soon realized that building trails is a lot of work! Determined to have trails at his house, John contacted us to design and build him a private bike park where he could improve his current skills and leave plenty of room to improve over time. Our design increases in speed and obstacle size as the trail progresses downhill along his property. Beginning with a straight pump track of 6 rollers, the trail then encounters a 180 degree righthand berm to direct you into two small tabletop jumps. Following the tabletops, the trail berms left into a wooden roller that drops over a retaining wall and into a downhill roller – berm – roller that hits the crescendo with a huge 180 righthand berm with a 6ft curved wall ride! Exiting the wallride, the return trail does a figure eight to bring you back to the top. In addition to the obvious features, several advanced lines were incorporated into the design for future skill development such as a berm to berm transfer and a berm to roller double. John is super stoked on the final product and will be shredding with all his friends often.