Pinnacle Mountain Coachwhip Trail

Client: Jagged Axe Trails / Arkansas Parks & Recreation Foundation

Location: Pinnacle Mountain State Park – Little Rock, AR

We partnered with our friends at Jagged Axe Trail Designs during the construction / re-imagination of Pinnacle Mountain State Park trails in partnership with the Arkansas Parks & Recreation Foundation and the Walton Family Foundation to construct a major portion of the National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA) race loop for the park. The native soil and terrain was extremely rock laden and our task was to create a beginner friendly ‘green’ trail for riders of all skill levels.

This task was very challenging given the extensive stone and soil conditions, but we persevered and delivered what we feel is one of the best NICA trails in the county. The trail provides smooth flowing terrain that weaves the native landscape and provides optional A/B challenge features that provide a ‘shortcut’ to encourage riders to safely build skills to utilize these routes as a faster line.