Back Alley Bike Dirt Bowl

Client: Back Alley Bikes / Gnarrboro

Location: Carrboro, NC

Back Alley Bikes has been a go to spot for bmx riders for years thanks to an awesome wooden bowl cobbled together with scrap wood, hopes and dreams! After years of hard riding, weather, and abuse the bowl finally rotted through and it was time for the next generation of bowl. This time around, Back Alley reached out to us to create a rot resistant concept that would last even longer and be infinitely modifiable. Our solution was to level the area, install drainage, bring in 160,000 lbs. of concrete bin blocks to form exterior walls, then import another 160,000 lbs. of red clay to shape up a dirt spine bowl with sub boxes and corner hips. The local bmx crew took over final shaping and the bowl is now being shredded on the regular!